Who we are/​


Inspired Wellbeing was founded by Kirsty and Jon Macdonald with the mission of re-writing the narrative of wellbeing.  


Inspired Wellbeing is an international consulting business with expertise in wellbeing for individuals, corporates, charities and nations. Based in London and Los Angeles and founded by Jon and Kirsty Macdonald Inspired Wellbeing brings together some of the world's leading experts, strategists and thinkers in order to create cultures and environments that support the wellbeing of people everywhere. 


We work with individuals, corporates, charities and nations who are passionate about re-defining the narrative of wellbeing. We create new rules for living which unlock the incredible and untapped potential of being a human in today’s rapidly changing world. Our wellbeing methodology shapes the men and women who lead us towards the inspirational change that our society needs for our collective wellbeing. 


Jon is an expert in corporate wellbeing. He uniquely combines a 30-year study of meditation practices and in-depth knowledge of the world's greatest wisdom teachings with an outstanding career as a leader in global businesses, most recently as board director of a complex $150bn financial services business.

Jon has an extensive blue-chip career in both business management, leadership and advisory roles in corporate finance, financial services, capital management, risk management and M&A.

He has held many roles as Chief Risk Officer safely overseeing more than $2 trillion of assets and managing complex businesses through various global financial crises.

He was a director of a FTSE-30 business at the age of 30, and, aged 40, a board director of a customer-owned business, which if listed would be FTSE-100 scale.

He is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and holds a degree in Mathematics and Statistics. 

He has in-depth experience of transforming underperforming teams into ones which are high performing, have outstanding wellbeing and have world-class engagement through a combination of his inspired leadership methodology and his business acumen. 

Jon has been at the forefront of corporate wellbeing program design for many years. He has a particular passion for working with board-level individuals on their wellbeing, personal impact across their business and future legacy.


He has been a regular key-note speaker and is passionate about talking on inspired wellbeing. 


Kirsty is a transformational coach, cognitive hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner with well over 10,000 hours of client work. She is masterful at creating deep unconscious change, having helped thousands of people achieve more than they could ever have dreamed of both personally and professionally. She is also an expert leadership coach, passionate about how our world can experience immense positive change with heartfelt, inspired leadership.


She works with a wide range of modalities focussing on unconscious mind change, body energetics, performance, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation and is an expert on mental health wellbeing. 

Previously she founded a highly successful private practice in Harley Street, London, seeing a wide range of clients including CEOs politicians, creative leaders, actors, directors, musicians and conductors. She holds a BA in Arts Management and a diploma from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). 

Her work around leadership includes helping individuals embody more of who they can be in the boardroom, courtroom, parliament etc. and the impact they can make as a result of the changes they experience. This is an extension of her work with world-class actors, singers and directors who wanted support around grounded presence, clarifying their voice, character work, audition technique and personal habits and beliefs that they wanted fine-tuning.

For many years Kirsty has helped and supported individuals towards greater personal freedom. She is passionate about wellbeing and how people can live inspired and healthy lives and the impact that has on communities and societies and the decisions that are made for our planet.


She has now turned her deepest attention to helping leaders and changemakers to step into their true power in order to make the incredible imprint on their corporations and organisations that is now being called forward.